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FHC Group - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

In this holiday season we wish everyone who has always been side by side with us: Customers, Suppliers, Partners and Employees, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Read more

  • 19-12-2022

FHC Group is the new member of Smart Waste Portugal

FHC Group is the new member of Smart Waste Portugal - Environmental Sustainability
The FHC Group participated on December 5th, in the 19th General Assembly of Smart Waste Portugal, a meeting in which we were introduced as a new member and where we had the opportunity to make a brief presentation.

At the end, it was possible to visit LIPOR 's facilities and get to know in detail the work they develop in promoting the circular economy.

The challenges in terms of environmental sustainability are global and it is in a global way that we must prepare our response. We see this partnership as an added value that will allow our Group to reinforce the mitigation of the environmental impacts that result from its activity.

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  • 16-12-2022

Protocol between the Politécnico de Coimbra and the FHC Group

Within the scope of the Pharma Academy Project, the collaboration protocol between the Politécnico de Coimbra and the FHC Group was signed today. We emphasize, in this way, the beginning of the Phama Academy FHC Group Training Paths. We are proud of the celebration of this protocol, which strengthens the partnership between the FHC Group and the IPC.
The synergy created between the Academy and the business environment has, in its genesis, the development of technical skills that promote continuous training throughout life. Read more

  • 01-12-2022

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