Our mission is to bring innovative treatments in order to improve patients’ lives worldwide.

Focusing on quality and operational excellence, our purpose is to provide flexible and customized solutions based on our partners’ needs. Every project we embrace, we strongly believe it is an opportunity towards a positive impact in the world.

CT Management & CT Strategy

  1. Integrated Digital Solutions for CT;
  2. Clinical Research Services;
  3. Medication & Medical Devices CT Management;
  4. Risk Based Monitoring;
  5. Clinical Suppliers Management;
  6. Decentralized & Hybrid CT;
  7. Interactive Response Technology;
  8. Medical Affairs;
  9. Medical Writing and Publishing;
  10. Pharmacovigilance;
  11. Site & Patient Solutions;
  12. Patient Centered Services;
  13. Patient Recruitment & Engagement;
  14. Customized Support & Solutions;
  15. Clinical Strategy Support;
  16. Regulatory Compliance Support.

Clinical Operations Excellence - End to End Solutions

  1. Study Design, ICF & Protocol Writing;
  2. Site Identification And Feasabilities;
  3. Clinical Trial Set-Up Documents;
  4. Regulatory & HA submissions;
  5. IP Management & Logistics;
  6. Monitoring & Auditing Activities;
  7. Investigator Site Support;
  8. Patient Recruitment & Engagement;
  9. Flexible Technology Software;
  10. Biostatistics & Data Management;
  11. Operational Clinical Trial Management;
  12. Archiving solutions;
  13. Final Clinical Trial Report/CSR submission.

Operational Management Support to Clinical Research Centers

Phagecon provides Clinical Site Management services to healthcare providers with whom it has established a scientific partnership in clinical research investigation.

Our goal is to support clinical research centers in the most varied areas so that they achieve quality results and make them centers of excellence. In order to do so, we have a team of qualified professionals with extensive experience in this area.

If you are interested in learning more about clinical trials or in participating in any of the clinical trials that are taking place at our partners’ centers, please contact us by email:

Pharmaceutical & Biotech Services Worldwide

We also have services focused on the expansion of your Clinical Trials landscape, meeting the increasing need to ensure diversity populations in CT and therefore reach underserved populations.


To learn more about our services, please feel free to contact us.

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